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Quarantine Cinco de Mayo!

Anyone else feeling a little cooped up during the covid-19 quarantine? Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home with the kids with a global dinner experience! Global dinners immerse Little Explorers in as many aspects of another culture as possible from home! If that sounds a little intimidating, don't worry! Here's a guide to make it easy and fun!

Cook (or order in) some Mexican food

  • Bring the flavors and aromas of Mexico into your home with some tasty Mexican food! Easy, kid-friendly options could include a taco bar, Mexican rice, quesadillas, sopa de fideo (Mexican noodle soup), or elote (Mexican street corn).

  • Make guacamole - and let your Little Explorers help! Guacamole is incredibly easy to make and highly customizable. Plus, kids will LOVE mashing the avocados and mixing it all up. (Hello, sensory play!) There's a recipe included in the free Mexico Unit!

  • Make some paletas for dessert! A quick search will bring up TONS of recipes. While you're at it, read the bilingual children's book, "What can you do with a Paleta?" You can watch my review of it here, and there are some read-aloud videos available on YouTube too!

Listen to some music from Mexico!

  • Again, the internet is your friend here. A quick search on YouTube or Amazon Music will bring up lots of great Mexican tunes. Ask for mariachi music or ranchera music - either is perfect for setting a festive mood while making that guac!

Decorate for a fiesta!

  • Check any stashes of old party supplies and look for colorful streamers to hang

  • Use craft tissue paper and pipecleaners to make large, colorful flowers. There's a great tutorial at

  • Make simple papel picado. (Check out these pins!)

Take a virtual field trip to Mexico!

  • Use GoogleEarth and Youtube to explore even more aspects of Mexico and its culture. I've put together a short list of videos to get you started here.

Do some Mexico-themed activities!

  • Our free Mexio unit is available to download in the Resource Library and includes coloring pages, a puzzle, an action song, and more!

Put it all together and have a family movie night!

  • End your celebration with a viewing of the movie Coco! This movie explores the importance of family and the celebration of the Day of the Dead - a day to remember ancestors and to keep their memories alive.

Will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home this year? Please share your celebrations with us! Tag us on Instagram at @littleexplorersbigworld for a chance to be featured in our stories! Happy exploring!


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