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Mexico For Kids: YouTube Videos

YouTube is full of great preschool educational resources, including Mexico for kids videos! If you read my previous post on the educational benefits of flashmobs, you already know that I'm a fan of looking for great content on YouTube to enrich our cultural studies! I've compiled a short list of my favorite videos for exploring Mexico below! If you enjoy the videos listed below, please make sure to subscribe to their channels!

The Best Mexico YouTube Videos For Kids, Preschool Mexico

Mexico for Kids (FREE Lesson Plans)

Little Explorers Big World

This is a quick overview of the free Mexico Unit on!

Mexican Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World - Ep 16 | Kids Try | Cut


I love how these kids react to trying Mexican food!

Tortillas: Stoneground, Handmade in Mexico

Travel Deep And Wide

Watch fresh tortillas being made in Mexico!

Spanish for Kids - Chocolate Song from Babelzone!

LCFClubsTV This is a traditional counting song in Spanish!

Arco Iris - Bilingual Song for kids - Colors

Mariana Iranzi

Color song for kids in Spanish and English

Mexican Folk Dance

EDENZ Colleges This is a video of beautiful traditional dance from Mexico!

Mexican Folk Dance

New Yoko More traditional dancing!

Monarch Butterfly | AMAZING ANIMALS

National Geographic Kids

Take a look at the AMAZING migration of the monarchs!

Mexico - Pyramid | Are We There Yet?

National Geographic Kids Kids explore a Mexican step pyramid!

Do you know of any other videos that would be a great addition to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Happy exploring!

*** Download your FREE Mexico Unit from the Resource Library! ***

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