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"As a former elementary school teacher and now homeschooling mom, I’m always looking for quality, ready-to-go resources to use with my 7 and 3 year olds. The Little Explorers Big World France Unit was so much fun for us to use. Exploring countries and cultures has always been exciting for me and I love how easy these units are to teach my children about the world at an age appropriate level. I loved the variety of activities in the unit. They were very easy to use for both of my children even though they’re 4 years apart. I can’t wait to travel the world with my kids in the comfort of my home! One day, we’ll explore the world in person but this is an excellent, quality resource until then!"

- Elizabeth M. -
Homeschooling Mom
and Former Teacher

Little Explorers Big World created a fun and easy way for me to teach my children about Ireland! The materials were creative and caught the attention of my 4 year old. He really enjoyed the alphabet pages where he looked for the beginning letter of the word for the corresponding picture. We also modified the matching game so it was a memory game for my 4 year old (I did the “matching” version with my 2 year old). The materials were easily adaptable for both ages and they both enjoyed looking at the colorful photos! This was a very fun and exciting way to incorporate learning into play! It’s also a great way to introduce your children to other cultures.

- Marie H. -
Stay at Home Mom

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