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Norway: Sami People Action Song

I am so excited about this action song! The Sami people (formerly called "Laplanders", which is now considered offensive) have an incredible indigenous culture. Your Little Explorers probably have a point of reference for a Sami-inspired character. Kristoff in Disney's Frozen was a nod to Sami culture.

After years of efforts to squash their culture and force assimilation, they are now able to find schooling, news, and even some entertainment in a Sami language and have their own flag and parliament. Only about 10% of modern Sami are reindeer herders, but the profession is legally protected as a Sami-only field in some places.

This action song is only a child's introduction to this rich culture. I encourage you to continue to explore it! You can start by checking out this video I found on YouTube.

Download the FREE action song printable in the Norway section of the Resource Library!


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