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USA: Lacing Activity!

European settlers brought quilting with them when they came to America. They would save scraps of old cloth and sew them together to make nice, warm quilts. As time went on, quilts became more and more complex and artistic. Do you want to try? Let’s sew a quilt together!

This activity combines fine motor skills with dramatic play and helps Little Explorers connect the sewing motion with quilting.

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Lace the yarn through the plastic needle and tie a knot at each end of the yarn. Show your Little Explorer how to lace the yarn in and out of the burlap.

Talk About It:

Can you stick the needle through that little hole? There you go. Now let’s do that again. Look at you! You’re sewing!

How long do you think it would take to sew a whole quilt? What would you want your quilt to look like? What would it feel like to wrap yourself up in a quilt?

Take It Further:

  • Use a marker to draw designs or write your Little Explorer’s name on the burlap and have them lace over it.

  • Once basic lacing is mastered, you can use yarn to lace burlap squares together like a patchwork quilt!


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