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Nigeria: Head-Carrying Game

Across the continent of Africa and in many places around the world, it’s common to see people carrying heavy things on top of their heads, just like the woman in this photo. Can you carry things on your head? Let’s try it!

This activity develops balance, a gross-motor skill.


A long scarf; a wide, unbreakable bowl; items to carry


Coil the scarf into a nest-like circle that fits nicely on top of your child’s head. Let him or her practice walking around while balancing just the scarf on their head. Then, set the bowl on top of the scarf and let your Little Explorer try carrying items across the room in the bowl on their head!

Talk About It:

Look at this woman. Do you see what she has on her head? That’s right! She’s carrying a big bucket on her head. Why do you think she’s carrying it that way? Do you think you can carry things like that? Let’s give it a try! How does that feel on your head and neck? Is it easy or is it difficult to carry?

Take It Further:

Take a look at a woman learning how to carry a huge bucket of water on her head in Africa!

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