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Official Name: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Location: West Africa, sharing a border with Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger.

Official Language: English (English is usually a Nigerian’s second language. Hausa,

Igbo, Yoruba, and hundreds of other African languages are

often learned first.)

Currency: Naira

Fun Facts:

While modern Nigeria gained independence from English rule in 1960, people have lived there for 11,000 years! With over 13 million people and 250 distinct ethnic groups, Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa! Nigeria is known for its butterfly diversity and the presence of many endangered African animals, “Nollywood” - the world's second largest film industry, beautiful indigo-dyed Yoruba Adire cloth, and the Walls of Benin, which rival the Great Wall of China for the world’s largest man made structure! Nigeria also has the most twin births on Earth!

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