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Japan: Monster Movie Stomp!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Japan is famous for monster movies such as “Godzilla” that were first made in the 1950s. In these films, Godzilla, a huge lizard monster, stomps through huge cities destroying buildings and terrorizing the people. Kids will LOVE playing the role of a monster destroying their own block city! This activity combines fine motor and STEM building skills, gross motor stomping movement, and dramatic play!


Blocks for building a city


Invite your Little Explorer to use the blocks to create a miniature city for the monster to destroy. The bigger the city, the more fun it will be to crash into! Once the city is all built, have your child practice their best scary monster noises, faces, and movements. Then let them stomp through their city and destroy it! You can even record your child doing this and show them their very own monster movie (starring them) afterwards!

Talk About It:

Do you like knocking down block towers after you build them? Today, we are going to create a block city and you can pretend to be a big monster and tear it all down! In Japan, they make lots of monster movies where a HUGE monster destroys the city. Should we make our own? Let’s get started with building the city. What do you think the city should be called? How many tall buildings does it have? Are there trains or cars in your city? What else do we need to complete it? Okay! Now let’s get ready to film our monster scene! Show me your scariest monster face. Oooh, that was scary! How does your monster move? What does the monster sound like? Eek! You scared me! I think we’re ready! Let’s make our monster movie!

Take It Further:

Watch your monster movie together and share it with friends!


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