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India: Mango Exploration

Did you know that the national fruit of India is the mango? Mangoes are sweet, juicy, and very popular in India, even playing a role in some cultural traditions. Explore the sight, smell, feel, and taste of a mango together in this sensory science activity!


Mangoes, a small knife


Give your Little Explorer a whole mango. Allow them to turn it over, feel it, observe the colors, textures, and shape. Invite them to share their observations with you and discuss any similarities or differences they notice with other fruits. Ask them what they think they’ll find inside. Next, carefully cut the mango open to find the pit. What do they think it’s for? How is it different from the rest of the mango? Finish the activity with a tasting! Older children may enjoy drawing or writing their observations in a journal.

Talk About It:

Look at this fruit - do you know what kind it is? What does it look like? Is it long like a banana? Is it spiky like a pineapple? What shape is it? What colors do you see? How does it feel? Can you smell anything? Any guesses? This is a mango! Mangoes are very popular in India and they’re eaten in lots of different ways. Are you ready to cut it open and see what’s inside? What do you think we will find in there? Wow! What do you notice? Does it feel the same inside as it does outside? Does it look the same? Does it smell the same? Let’s take a taste!

Take It Further:

Use the mango to make a simple mango lassi, a refreshing smoothie-like drink that’s very popular in India! If you live in certain climates, you may be able to plant your mango seed and grow your very own mango tree!

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