India: Henna Hand Craft

Artistic henna tattoos are very popular and important in Indian culture, especially at important celebrations and rites of passage. The henna is expertly piped onto the skin and allowed to dry as the stain sets. When the henna is removed, the intricate patterns remain for weeks. Let your child create their traced handprint art with their own beautiful henna tattoo design!


Paper, school glue, crayons and scissors


*This activity requires some prep work. Trace the pattern included in the activity pdf (in the Resource Library) with school glue and allow it to dry completely before proceeding.*

Take a moment to look at the photo to the right together and discuss the beautiful patterns on the woman’s hands.

Place a piece of paper over the traced design on the second page and invite your Little Explorer to make a rubbing of the design using the long edge of an unwrapped crayon. Then, your child can trace their hand on top of the rubbing. Cut the hand print out to complete your beautiful henna hand art!

For the activity template, "Talk About It" and "Take It Further" portions, please visit the India section of the Resource Library.

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