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India: Bollywood Dance Party

Bollywood is the largest film industry in the entire world (based on the number of films it produces). Bollywood is headquartered in Mumbai, India and produces films known for their colorful and elaborate musical numbers. Explore the music and dance of Bollywood with your Little Explorers with a dance party!

This activity combines gross motor skills and musical appreciation.


A computer TV with a YouTube app

A dance floor!


Start with this introduction to Bollywood dance from Sesame Street! Sesame Street | Murray Learns Bollywood Dancing | Cartoonito

Next, click the following links and have a dance party together!

AMAZING Dance number from a Bollywood film - BOLLYWOOD MOVIE CLIP: Besharam - feat. Pallavi Sharda

Scene from “Bride & Prejudice”, a film perfect for introducing Bollywood style-film to the English speaking world - Bride & Prejudice dance scene - Naveen Andrews - HQ

Talk About It:

Listen. What instruments do you hear? Do you hear instruments that you’ve never heard before? Is the music fast or slow? Look at they way they are dancing. What are they doing? Yes, they’re spinning! Can you dance like that? Let’s try it!

Take It Further:

Check out this video of a little girl with some awesome Bollywood dance talent! - Mahi Heart Winning Performance - DID L'il Masters Season 3 - Jaw Dropping Delhi Audition


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