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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Global Foods - Pt. 1

Welcome to #TipTuesday! Today's tip is the first in a series about how to get your kids to try international foods (or any new food)!

How to Get Your Kids to Eat
L enjoying some Spanish rice

If you don't have a naturally adventurous eater, this is a great tactic for getting them to try new things. Use a familiar main ingredient to introduce a new cuisine to your children (or even adults!). For best results, choose a dish were new flavors play a minor role in the overall dish - just to ease them into it. In a previous Instagram post on this topic, I used the example of rice. Rice is eaten around the world, and the different ways of cooking and flavoring it are endless!

If you have a little one who eats and enjoys rice, why not give Japanese fried rice, Spanish paella, or Italian risotto a try?

If they love noodles, try an Italian puttanesca pasta, Chinese lo mien, or a Russian stroganoff.

If all else fails, there's always cookies. Maybe a Dutch stroopwafel, Scottish shortbread cookie, or Nankhatai cookies from India. (Can you tell that I'm a carb girl?)

This video from Bon Appetit shows children of varying ages tasting 8 international rice dishes. What would your Little Explorer think of these dishes? What international dishes does your child like? Let me know in the comments!

Are you curious about why and how to explore the world from home with your children? Pick one of the FREE printable units from the Resource Library and start exploring today!

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