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France For Kids: YouTube Videos

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

YouTube is full of great preschool educational resources, including France for kids videos! I've compiled a short list of my favorite videos for exploring France below! If you enjoy the videos listed below, please make sure to subscribe to their channels!

France for Kids (FREE Lesson Plans)

This is a quick overview of the printable France Unit available for free download on!

American Kids try Fondue | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

I love how these kids react to trying French fondue!

Paris Traditional Food Market. A Walk Into the Marché Bastille. French Food and Street Food

Take a virtual walk through an open air market in France!

Paris Walk - NOTRE-DAME CATHEDRAL Surroundings - France

Take another virtual walk - this time around Notre Dame.

French Greetings Song for Children

MLSnatasha Use this song to teach your Little Explorer a few greetings in French!

Behind the Scenes of a Boulangerie: French Bakery Tour in Paris

This is a short travel video about a modern French bakery.


Lizbeth Pratt Another look inside a French bakery. This one is a bit more traditional and not narrated.

France: Eiffel Tower | Are We There Yet?

Tag along as children explore the Eiffel Tower!

Hannaë 15 ans, danse sur "Le Lac des Cygnes" de Tchaïkovsky - Prodiges

Prodiges Watch some beautiful ballet!

Do you know of any other videos that would be a great addition to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Happy exploring!

*** Download your FREE France Unit from the Resource Library! ***


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