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Empowering you and your young children to explore world cultures, cultivate curiosity, and learn through play with FREE printable resources!

  Explore World Cultures  

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Little Explorers Big World is in the process of becoming CULTURES FOR KIDS! We are so excited to reveal the new, updated website soon, but until then please make sure to follow us on Instagram so you don't miss an update! Also, follow our NEW shop on!

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Little Explorers Big World exists to empower you and your kids to explore world cultures, cultivate curiosity, and learn through play! The preschool worksheets and activities we provide use world cultures as the basis for thematic units, which also incorporate the following skills:

Little Explorers strengthen their foundational literacy skills through learning letter recognition, letter sounds, sight words, and the use of pattern books, rhymes and songs.

Fine Motor

Tracing, cutting, lacing, using tweezers and other small hand movements all help to strengthen little fingers for writing and improve hand-eye coordination.

The Arts

Little Explorers experience the music, architecture, art, and cuisines from all around the world!


Early and essential STEM skills include observation, cause and effect, matching, seriation, patterning, puzzles, as well as number recognition, counting, and one-to-one countenance.

Cultural Studies

Learn continents, climates, and the value of diverse cultures and languages from nation to nation!

Gross Motor

Large movements strengthen muscles and coordination for running, jumping, climbing, and more! Action songs that cross the mid-line and international games keep Little Explorers moving!

Ready to start exploring?

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