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USA: Sensory Corn Shucking Activity

Corn is one of the most important crops in the United States. It was grown by the early Native Americans and it’s now eaten around the world!

Shucking corn with your Little Explorer will encourage scientific exploration, develop fine motor strength, and provide a sensory experience through textures, sounds, colors, and scents.


  • 1 or 2 ears of fresh corn (still tightly in the husk)

  • Magnifying glass

  • Large flat surface

  • Broom for clean-up


First, look at the closed ear of corn together. Use your eyes, hands, nose, and magnifying glass to make observations about the corn. When you are ready, let your Little Explorer pull back the husks and discover what is hidden inside!

Talk About It:

Wow! Look at this! What do you see? Can you find the leaves? How do they feel? What do they look like under the magnifying glass? Look at these little strings up at the top. That’s the corn silk. How does it feel? Can you pull the leaves back and open it up? What do you see inside? Have you ever eaten corn?

Do you like it? What do we eat that’s made out of corn?

Take It Further:

  • Invite your Little Explorer to draw their observations. You can even place the paper on top of the corn and do a rubbing!

  • Boil or grill the corn and have a tasty snack!.

  • Remove the husks completely and use them to make a corn husk doll, just like the Native Americans and early pioneers did!


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