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NORWAY: Reindeer Labeling Activity

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We're kicking off the Norway unit with a reindeer labeling sheet! There are over 200,000 reindeer in Norway! These creatures are well equipped to thrive in arctic temperatures and are highly valued for their pelts, meat, milk, and even the velvet on their antlers. The indigenous Sami people of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia have herded reindeer an for centuries (since about 800 CE), using them as a food source, mode of transportation, and labor! To see a short YouTube video showing a glimpse of the Sami way of life, scan the QR code! (NOTE: This video shows a reindeer pelt being trimmed and the meat being hung to dry. These are essential parts of survival for the Sami people, but may upset some little viewers.)

In this activity, Little Explorers can practice their cutting and pasting skills as well as their ability to identify body parts. Ask your Little Explorer to find their corresponding body parts and to identify any parts a reindeer has that people do not!

Download the free labeling sheet from the Norway page of the Resource Library!

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