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Norway: Folk Music & Dance Exploration!

In this activity, we will discover some traditional Norwegian music and dance! Norwegian folk music often features the “hardingfele” or hardanger fiddle, which has 8 strings instead of 4 like the common fiddle. These extra 4 strings create a drone-like sound and can make it seem like more than one instrument is being played. The halling is the traditional Norwegian folk dance, which involves lots of spinning, jumping, and impressive high kicking to knock a hat off of a long pole!

This activity focuses on musical appreciation, gross-motor skills, and comparative and superlative words (e.g.. high, higher, highest)

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  • A way to play some traditional Norwegian folk music (I use my Amazon Echo for this kind of thing a lot! Try "Alexa, play Norwegian Folk Music"

  • A large open space (I recommend a soft, fall-safe flooring)

  • A long pole, like a broomstick

  • A hat


To read more, click here to be taken to the Norway section of the Resource Library (You'll need your subscriber password to log in access the printables.)

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