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Eat a Norwegian Kveldsmat!

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Shake up your eating schedule the Norwegian way with Kveldsmat - the traditional 4th meal of the day! Culturally, most Norwegians have long eaten dinner a bit earlier in the day, around 4:30 pm. As a result, a relaxed evening snack of traditional breakfast foods just before bed has become common. Today, the people of Norway are starting to eat later and fewer people are enjoying a regular kveldsmat as part of their daily routine. However, many Norwegians have fond childhood memories of this unhurried time with their families. Explore the traditional kveldsmat with your Little Explorer on a day when you’ve had a late or heavy lunch and make room for conversation!



Gather your bread, spreads and toppings and place them on a tray. (I’ve used a cookie sheet topped with a dish towel in a pinch!) A little while before bed, invite your Little Explorer for a bedtime snack around the kitchen table. I suggest wearing pajamas, lowering the lights, and putting away the phones and tablets to create a cozy feeling. Let your child(ren) explore putting together different combinations of spreads and toppings to create simple open-faced sandwiches and ask them about their day. Take this as an opportunity to create a protected space to connect with your child and spend quality time together.

Talk About It:

Did you know that in Norway many people eat 4 meals a day? They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and … KVELDSMAT! Can you say that? What a fun word! Kveldsmat is eaten right before bed and it's a great time to slow down, have a snack, and talk with your family about your day! Some people like to have bread with all kinds of spreads and toppings - like cheese, sliced fruit or veggies, meats, jams, or honey. Take a look at what I have on this tray. Let’s sit down and fix a few pieces of bread to snack on. What do you want to try first? Oh, that sounds delicious! Let’s try a few combinations and see what we like the most!

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