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Do this NOW to Give Your Child an Advantage in Their Future Professional Life

A few months ago an article was published via BBC entitled, "The 'Hidden Talent' That Determines Success." (Find the full article here.) That "hidden talent" is not a high IQ, a certain certification, or even experience - it's a person's "CQ" or "cultural intelligence." For a high CQ, start exposing your child to cultural diversity while they are still young. Start now! Simply introducing them to the concept of different cultures, cuisines, music, architectural styles, etc. can do wonders for their developing brains - AND - give them a jump-start on accepting and engaging with others from around the world in both their personal and professional lives.

While I always encourage traveling with kids, you don't have to wait until travel is an option to start exploring the world with them! Little Explorers Big World provides culture-based, Pre-K/Kindergarten-level lesson plans that are printable, easy to use, and FREE! Click here to begin your free subscription, turn on your printer, and start your adventures today!

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