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BRAZIL: Oscar Niemeyer Activity

Updated: May 14, 2021

Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect who loved to use unusual shapes in his buildings. His buildings look more like sculptures than museums, churches, or offices! The museum in this photo looks like an eye! In this activity, Little Explorers will search their home or classroom for objects that would make unusual shapes for buildings. Once some inspiring objects have been found, invite them to play with different arrangements and imagine them as a building. What would the building be for? What materials it would be made of? What would it be like to be inside? Record their creations with a photo of their inspiration, a drawing of their imagined building, and a few written lines (dictated if necessary) that describe it.

Find the full version of this free activity in the Brazil section of the Resource Library!

Here are a few examples!

This was my creation that I showed my boys to get them thinking.

Our youngest (4) stacked up some items from his toy kitchen and made a "half-doctor, half-museum" ...

Our oldest (7) made this sculpture of a "family super fortress" and added lots of fun details in his art (below).

We would love to see what your Little Explorers create! Share it with us on Instagram (@littleexplorersbigworld) and we may feature you in our stories!

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