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10 Global Vegetarian Meals to Shake Up Meatless Mondays

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

In honor of World Vegetarian Day, I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite vegetarian recipes from around the globe! It was actually my desire to cook cheap, healthy, diverse dishes that got me cooking internationally! (That and my preexisting love of travel.)

Keep reading for 10 DELICIOUS recipes inspired by global flavors!


Warm and cheesy with sweet heat. This recipe has been one of our favorites for about 10 years now!

Costa Rica - Gallo Pinto

I discovered Costa Rican gallo pinto when I first visited Alajuelita in 2009. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to find the famous Lizano Salsa here in the States so I can have an authentic taste of Tico life any time.


This recipe is straight from the Peruvian Avocado Commission. You definitely need to check out their page if you’re an avocado fan. This is just one of their several mouth-watering avocado recipes.

I really wish I had my own photo to share for these bowls because they are GORGEOUS. It’s like a vacation in a bowl - a sweet, savory, creamy, nutty, tropical vacation.


I have a picky eater. So picky, in fact, that he doesn’t eat spaghetti or noodles in general - unless it’s this recipe. He calls it “the white spaghetti.” Fresh lemon and basil flavors make this a great alternative to your usual pasta dish.

Spain - Gazpacho

Marrying a man who spent part of his childhood in Spain has introduced me to lots of wonderful Spanish foods, but chilled gazpacho may top my list. Not only is it raw and vegan, it’s also quick and the perfect make-ahead meal when served with crusty bread.


West Africa - African Peanut Soup

If you aren’t an adventurous eater, you may want to sit down for this one. Tomatoes, peppers, peanut butter, rice … they may sound like unlikely partners, but they have a beautiful thing going on. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this amazing protein-packed, vegan soup.

If you’re looking for something clean and aromatic that makes several servings, this is your new favorite. I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count and it always turns out beautifully. I just love the vibrant the colorful veggies too!


Don’t be intimidated by this take-out classic. Egg drop soup is incredibly easy, economical, and comforting. Once I tried making at at home I wondered why I hadn’t been making it myself all along!

Lebanon - Mujadara

I basically stalked this recipe (featuring rice, lentils, and caramelized onions) after having it in a little Lebanese restaurant. I love that I can make it at home now! The cumin and cinnamon make it a great dish for the fall when the weather starts getting crisp.

Do you have a favorite to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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